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Tech Support


Ho Chi Minh

Mô tả công việc:


Provide technical answers (using user guide, integration manual, questionnaires, ...) to our customers and be responsible for advanced ad-campaign setups, integration processes and issue resolutions.

Test and run benchmark

Test and run benchmark analysis to propose practical solutions to potential problems.


Yêu cầu công việc:

Bachelor’s degree in computer science or in related fields.

Have experience in an Adtech or a Digital company

Good communication skills, and Fluent in English. 

Strong knowledge of the Web environment (HTTP, RESTFUL API) & SDK, Tags, 

Experience & Knowledge within digital advertising & marketing fields ((Publisher, Advertiser, Trading desk, DSP, DMP, SSP, Ad-networks, etc.)

An understanding of technical standards in Adtech such as VAST, VPAID, Ad-serving, RTB norms, ... would be a plus

Proactive and willing to learn

Excellent teamwork and ability to adapt

Self-motivated, but also can work well in a team

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