In the morning of April 1st 2015, the BOM and all Datviet VAC employees attended the first meeting of the year to set the course for 2015 and the next 5 years.

During the all hands meeting, Mr. Dinh Ba Thanh, Chairman and CEO of the group delivered an overview on current industry growth and inflation while setting growth targets for 2015.

With his keynote on Singapore and Israel’s success stories, Mr. Thanh encourage all members of the Group to understand the warrior spirit of DatViet: Do not waste time -No fear, and prepare for a successful year ahead.

Following the presentation of Mr. Dinh Ba Thanh, Mr. Dao Van Kinh – Vice Chairman provided specific objectives for each departments.

One key feature of the opening meeting is that our staff had a chance to discuss with the management team about their concerns and thoughts on company’s course. The Q&A section drawn attentions from the employees and helped clarified the objectives set forth by management, thus paved the way for another successful year.