Right from the start, we were pioneers and trendsetters. Being the first in many different fields and services gave us extensive experience and valuable insights. This coupled with our incomparable leadership in media, plus our talented and experienced human resource has given us an unsurpassed understanding of the Vietnamese consumer.


FIRST privately-owned media and advertising agency in Vietnam

Founded on April 20th, 1994. DatVietVAC is led by Mr. Dinh Ba Thanh who is regarded as the man first established the Media industry in Vietnam in 1989 . DatVietVAC presently has employed 320 dynamic and competent executives.

FIRST in diversified media, communications and entertainment group in Vietnam

Grouping total of 8 independent companies, DatVietVAC offers end-to-end brand, marketing, media and communication solutions to marketers and media owners.

FIRST in billing for 19 consecutive years for a media and communication group in Vietnam.