Local content movie drama producer

In 2005, M&T Pictures was established and was the First content producer who set the standards for TV drama productions. When foreign series movies, most were from Korea, dominated Vietnamese television, the founding of M&T Pictures in 2005 marked a profound change to viewers’ taste.

With Specialization in producing TV series, movies, M&T Pictures provides the customers Media Content i.e. TV Drama / Movies; Product Placement as an Effective Brand Communication Solution; TV Drama Broadcasting Sponsorship / Spot-buying package; Publish TV Dramas in mass market.

From around 100 episodes in the year 2009 to tentatively 850 episodes in the year 2010, M&T is the First International and Local Programs agency who has produced most of TV Drama series in local market and became one of the First


producers who put efforts into producing higher quality movies for the local audiences.

Several “Made in M&T Pictures” series with high artistry quality have been produced such as Tropical Snow, Love Chess, Heading to the Sun, Sassy Girls, Terms of Endearment, Jealousy in Love, Wild Sunflower; I’m A Super Star, Doctor’s Legacy, and Bird in Paradise etc. Tropical Snow and Bird in Paradise won Silver Kite Awards in 2006 and 2008 respectively from the Vietnam Movie Association; Bird in Paradise won 2008 Best Series Movie Director Award.

M&T is the First private movie maker to be recognized in the Kite Awards in 2006, 2008 and 2009.