Established in 2000, when entertainment shows were almost non-existent, DongTay Promotion became the First to bring international formatted entertainment shows to Vietnam, and the First to acquire production know-how and technology, with its own professional production team.

Dong Tay Promotion focuses on core services including of TV content production such as Game Show, Reality show, Music Show, Travel show, Variety shows, Event and Project Management.

Up to thousand hours of TV entertainment to major TV Stations per year, Dong Tay has put is trademark on programs like top quality


sports, reality, music, fashion, health, children and travel shows. The Ho Chi Minh TV Televised Bicycle Race, the most prestigious sports event held annually in Vietnam, has been a joint production between Ho Chi Minh City TV and Dong Tay for the past 10 years.

From Chung Suc (Family Feud) to Vietnam Idol, game shows produced by Dong Tay Promotion, have captured the top ratings positions for years on end (2000-2008). First season 2007, Vietnam Idol was selected by journalists across Vietnam as Show of the Year (Devotion Awards 2007), and Fremantle Media recognized it as one of the most successful Idol shows in Asia.