With the purpose of bringing international standard to Vietnamese Media industry, in 2003, DatvietVAC established D.I.D Media & D.I.D TV in 2006.

The two companies are the First to provide TV channel restructuring solutions, including: tailor-made program development and production, TV channel management and investment. Our professional and in-depth human resource combine with local market understanding make us a credible partner for both local & international organizations.

In 2003, D.I.D was delegated for Danang Television Station management (DRT). D.I.D Media and the station together have built DRT become the leading TV channel of the middle of the Vietnam.

Meanwhile, D.I.D has successfully restructured HTV2 into a modern and attractive channel amongst local audience. HTV2 was officially launched in 10/2010 as a general entertainment TV channel. At the moment, HTV2 is available on air of SCTV, HTVC, K+, AVG, MyTV channel systems.


February 2012, DatvietVAC Group Holdings, cooperated with Lotte Group (the Korean fifth largest organization) launched Lotte Datviet Home Shopping. 95% domestic goods distribution commitment, Lotte Datviet has built its wide network of suppliers and manufacturers, in which local ones are prioritized. Besides, Lotte Datviet Home Shopping is giving a hand in introducing Vietnamese products to global markets.

Mr. Dong Bin Shin, CEO of Lotte Group and Mr. Dinh Ba Thanh, Chairman and CEO of DatVietVAC Group at the JV Agreement Signing Ceremony.


February 2012, D-Dramas (a drama TV channel) officially launched officially launched on VCTV7. The channel has introduced to local audience various top-rating foreign series.


March 2013, VCTV1 – a General Entertainment cable TV channel has been absolutely renewed, especially on its content quality and become the favorite channel amongst Vietnamese TV viewers, especially women and families.